American Pinup Website

James Breen

American Pinup Website

Seeing Is Web Design (James Breen, principle) is pleased to announce the deployment of a newly designed website by award-winning photographer Mehosh Dziadzio. This new website focuses on Mehosh Photograph's American Pinup series. The site is fully responsive, for optimal viewing on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

A Responsive multi-purpose landing page made with the Bootstrap framework. It's a clean and modern design, that presents and promotes this award-winning pinup photography.

Growing up just outside of New York City, Mehosh learned photography by working for some of New York's top commercial photographers. In 1975 he relocated to Santa Barbara and opened his own photography business.

Now with over forty years of experience, Mehosh, with his attention to detail and his passion for excellence brings an extraordinary spirit to his work. His images have appeared in books, magazines and newspapers, both as advertisements and editorial, in fashion and product catalogs, brochures, annual reports and on numerous billboards, websites, album and CD covers.